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Angel Glady

Angel Glady is a trans woman from Tamil Nadu. She is the first trans woman who went to Madras University to do M A Mass Communication. She is a theatre activist and has worked with French theatre group ‘clowns without border’ and a South Korean theatre group called ‘TUIDA’. She acted in many Tamil movies as well. She worked as a hospital clown in Chennai for the government hospital. She feels art is the best tool to make a revolution and she is the co-founder of a trans theatre group called Panmai theatre in Chennai IndiaEndFragment    

Find Angel Glady at Bricks and Glitter all day Outdoor Event!

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COCO LA CRÈME is a dazzling shaker and maker who performs burlesque both as a solo artist and with Skin Tight Outta Sight. Her notorious reputation as a go-go dancer of legendary stamina and sex appeal first brought her to the attention of Founder, Tanya Cheex, in 2002. Her inventive acts and beautiful hand-made costumes are always a hit with audiences. CoCo teaches burlesque at Good For Her, and is a published poet who has moderated the panel at the Feminist Porn Awards for the past two years.

Find COCO LA CRÈME at Bricks and Glitter all day Outdoor Event!