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Bricks & Glitter presents The Silk Burlesque Variety Show

September 24, 2020 @ 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

By donation
Bricks & Glitter and Silk Burlesque present a cabaret of qtpoc burlesque and performance art. We take up space front and center in the embodiment of every diasporic parent’s nightmare – we take our clothes off in front of strangers, for pennies no less!
By donation/pay what you can – option to choose donation amount ($0-$10+) in ticket link
* please see additional accessibility information in Discussion
* please consider the Bricks & Glitter Code/Principles/Algorithm – https://bit.ly/3hwb8QN
* we are a trans and gender fluidity/non-confirming space, if you are not comfortable w freedom of gender expression = don’t come 🙂
* this event will be taking place in English
* please let us know if you would benefit from interpretation or captioning
* this event will be taking place over Zoom.
* If you are unfamiliar with Zoom or having concerns about using it, please click the following link to find information regarding its use – https://bit.ly/3hr9n7M
* for more advanced users, there are also some steps you can take to protect your online privacy:
We are not your model minority and we are the wrong type of immigrant. We demand play and pleasure, in the here and now. We are proudly immodest and indecent. We celebrate queerness, sex and audacity, and we will shimmy and shake our way into your heart.
Featuring performances by our stunning line-up….
Franny Galore-Wngz
Franny Galore is an LatinX entertainer, certified make-up artist and costume designer. She is the Drag child of Ms. Nookie Galore, current director of the Drag Musical Program and was co-costume designer for the FilipinX Drag Horror Cooking Show, “Sarap.” Franny made her impact in the underground burlesque scene with her gender-bending looks and style of drag, was featured in the Toronto-based collective LAL’s music video for their single Dead Happiness from their album Find Safety. She was also part of the cast for “Flowers While We Are Livin’ “ A showcase presented by Unit 2 + Ninkuru Zinduru that celebrated and shared the work of BIPOC / racialized trans and queer feminine artists with the rest of Toronto’s communities. She was also part of The Rhubarb Festival at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, In the Horror production Scary Stories People of Colour Tell In The Dark. Was also a participant in the 2020 cycle of the Right To Dance: Dance Intensive taught and produced by ILL NANA with the graduating performances also being held at Buddies. Franny is about self love and expression and incorporates that in the stories she brings to you whether through makeup, drag, or in other expressions of art.
Mina Minou
Mina Minou is an Iranian-American powerhouse in the fields of drag, burlesque, and the space between. A student of the infamous New York City world of drag and burlesque, Mina is currently working out of Montreal, city of Sin and Saints. Mina’s been using her background as a mutidisciplinary visual artist to delight audiences across north America for over five years, pulling from her dizzyingly diverse range of original characters. This kitten delights as a slime-oozing flower or a sentient volcano diorama, a clown with clinical depression or a naughty ice cream man. Mina Minou casts spells with her movements that leave her audience enchanted: witness the surreal fairytale, come to life!
Bellamie Beastly
Bellamie Beastly, the Belligerent Bombshell, has been delighting audiences with her signature blend of fiery pinup vivacity and semi-innocent ingenuity since January 2018. Based in Toronto, Canada, this bisexual buxom bouncing burlesque babe has dabbled everywhere from goofy nerdlesque to cheeky classic to valiant vulnerability informed by her Vietnamese and Slavic heritage, and she has taken her art as far as New York City for the International Nerdlesque Festival. In these queer quarantimes, she has also been found lighting up the virtual stage for audiences all over to enjoy, including the Quarantine Burlesque Festival and NYC-based D20 Burlesque.
Cat Zaddy
Electrifying, sexy and powerful, Cat “ButtaKream” Zaddy knows how to command a stage. This Toronto born and raised performer is known for her infectious energy that captivates her audiences through her raw sensuality and signature flirtatious style. She’ll have you on your feet and leave you wanting more, and by the end of it all she’ll have you calling her Zaddy.
Tygr Willy
Tygr Willy is BoylesqueTO’s newest Boylesque member, as well as a drag artist part of HausBoat and a Drag-rent of Tygr Haus. They’ve recently performed for the FSU Stage as part of PrideTO’s Stay Home Saturdays and is a frequent performer and producer around the city.
Daddy Gambino
Daddy Gambino is a genderfluid proud black canadian drag performer and exotic dancer. Based in brampton ontario he is able to combine both of his feminine and masculine energies together for a jaw dropping show. Daddy can teach you how to roll a blunt and shake that ass all at the same time!
Ola Minou
Ola Minou, la petite coquette, is a burlesque ballerina based in Toronto, Ontario. Captivating audiences with her signature pout, hand-crafted garments and graceful technique, this storyteller loves the thrill of performing live theatre. A recurring guest with Les Femmes Fatales WOC, a feature in QueerCab, Ola Minou studied to strip and tease under the tutelage of Toronto-based performance artists Dainty Smith, Ravyn Wings, Belle Jumelles and Kage Wolfe. In 2019, Ola Minou co-founded Silk Burlesque, staging productions that showcase queer, black and Middle Eastern drag and burlesque artists. Sweet, sexy, audacious Ola Minou brings character, glamour and a strong penchant for drama to every stage!
Kareena Pussy Couture
Kareena Pussy Couture is a burlesque artist based in Toronto. Kareena uses burlesque to unapologetically take up space and express a politics of sexual liberation. She is a founding member of Silk Burlesque, a Toronto-based collective that centres queer Middle Eastern performers to enact an ethos of immodesty politics. Kareena Pussy Couture considers it her cosmic duty to make her audiences a little wet, hot and bothered.
…and musical stylings by DJ Kiish


September 24, 2020
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
By donation


Bricks & Glitter