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BITTERSWEET: A Cacao Circle with Carolina Brown

BITTERSWEET: A Cacao Circle with Carolina Brown

April 12, 2023

163, Sterling Road, Toronto, Ontario, M6R 2B2, Canada.
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The workshop takes 2 hours. During that time we learn to roast, peel, grind, temper, mold, cool, as well as present & taste the finished Cacao products. We’ll talk about Cacao and its medicinal uses, origins, history, spirituality, and ongoing resistance movements while it is being prepared too.

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This event will take place at Unit 2.
ASL will be provided at every workshop by Phoenix The Fire @phoenixthefire1111

Carolina Brown, Prieta, LatAm, Mexicana, Costeña, Cumbiera, Singer, Dancer, Writer, Thinker, Artisan; overall Cacao follower and student of its spiritual, traditional, scientific, medicinal properties and uses.