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Clothing Repair with Camila Salcedo

Clothing Repair with Camila Salcedo

March 22, 2023

163, Sterling Road, Toronto, Ontario, M6R 2B2, Canada.
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In the spirit of sustainable and slow fashion, in this Clothing Repair Workshop folks will learn how to mend small holes with woven darning and visible mending, and tips for upcycling clothes to fit them better. Participants are encouraged to bring their own clothes to mend, but fabric scraps will also be available in case they just want to pick up a new skill. Needles, scissors, embroidery thread and embroidery hoops will be provided at Unit 2.

Workshop is on both Zoom and in-person at Unit 2.
RSVP is required.
ASL will be provided at every workshop by Phoenix The Fire @phoenixthefire1111

Camila is an interdisciplinary artist, curator and facilitator born in Venezuela and based in Tkaronto, working primarily in textiles, digital art and community art practices. Their work is centred around upcycling both materially by reusing and mending textiles, and digitally by appropriating found audio and video footage.