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How To Farm in Community with Cheyenne Sundance (Sundance Harvest Farm)

How To Farm in Community with Cheyenne Sundance (Sundance Harvest Farm)

March 15, 2023

163, Sterling Road, Toronto, Ontario, M6R 2B2, Canada.
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In this interactive and very hands on workshop you will dive into what farming in a community looks like from the cooperative, collaborative and community land trust lens from the past and present day. You will create a blueprint of what your own community farm can look like either as a career to make a fair income for yourself and workers such as Sundance Harvest or on a different scale. We won’t be speaking about just vegetables! Mushrooms, herbalism, livestock and much more will be covered. Everyone has a role to play in community and you will learn how to troubleshoot common communication issues, land access, capital startup, infrastructure build, simple crop plans and of course how to figure out what part of a forest you really are?

This is the ideal workshop to come to if you know you want to grow with the land, and you know it’s best to do that in community. This is not a lecture! You will be moving and grooving around the room in a form of a circuit. You will be able to socialize, brainstorm and at the end of the workshop have a definite plan for your next steps along with crucial resources provided.

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This event will take place at Unit 2.
ASL will be provided at every workshop by Phoenix The Fire @phoenixthefire1111

Cheyenne Sundance is the owner and executive director of Sundance Harvest. A three location farm spanning three locations in south western Ontario. Her CSA is produced by over 20 farmers who she directly and closely mentors. Cheyenne Sundance started her farm in 2019 due to a lack of awareness of fair pay and discussion on a diversity of concerns of equality in agriculture from the worker, youth, Black and women’s lens. Cheyenne Sundance is the inaugural president of the National Farmers Union Black, Indigenous and People of Colour caucus. She has also successfully started up the Sundance Harvest Black Business and Farm sister incubator program and its sister – which is fully subsidized for new Black farmers. Cheyenne has no previous farming or educational experience as she left high school. Cheyenne has never worked on a farm before starting Sundance Harvest at 22. She has true working class roots and a deep interest in workers rights, community land trusts and the idea of the commons for the betterment of all.