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Poetic Dreamscape Odyssey with Stephen Jackman-Torkoff

Poetic Dreamscape Odyssey with Stephen Jackman-Torkoff

March 29, 2023

To me a poem is not just a poem. It is an odyssey. and a line in a poem can be anything: a beautiful sentence, drinking a glass of water, the way we love someone, a fart etc etc etc. This is the basis of how I create. And I offer through this workshop insight into how to do this for yourself. I will present some of my own work and also lead participants through different creation/imagination exercises so that they can create their own odysseys. We will also do a group experiment together and end up with a multi person poetic dreamscape odyssey. At the end we will ask questions and we will talk. LONG LIVE THE IMAGINATION!

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This is a virtual event on Zoom.
ASL will be provided at every workshop by Phoenix The Fire @phoenixthefire1111

Stephen Jackman-Torkoff is a wandering poet who creates poetic-dreamscape-odysseys.
Stephen has been growing this practise, performing at poetry events, or with the Queer Songbook Orchestra, as well as in their own self produced performances: with their garage in Stratford becoming the Fantasy Theatre. Stephen has performed in several theatre productions in Canada most recently Fifteen Dogs at Crows Theatre. and soon to be performing in Richard II at the Stratford Festival . They are one of the creators/performers of the show Black Boys, which premiered at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in 2016 and went on to tour Canada. They seek to create work that activates the soul and takes us into a world of imagination. Like Willy Wonka.