We are a trouble of queers who believe in creativity and collectivity, in imagining together a world worth living in. Intersectional by default and critical by necessity, we are trying to create a space for us all of us, to world build together, and to practice the future in the now. Bricks and Glitter is a community arts festival, celebrating Two-Spirit, trans and queer talent, ingenuity, caring, anger, and abundance.

Bricks and Glitter is a long time coming. Inspired by artists, activists and cultural workers that came before us and motivated by neoliberal austerity measures, fascistic fear mongering and so many boring, predictable parties, we have needed Bricks and Glitter for quite some time. We are beyond empty promises of inclusivity—standing-room-only on some broken down bus. Visibility is vulnerability with too high a price on “being seen”; we self-survey to combat alienation, self-identify using porn categories, and self-medicate to numb the pain of it all. Don’t fear the reaper but the raver, the dreamer with no more fucks to give. Attempts to market our legacies, survival strategies and genius will rot on the vine while deep roots send shoots once more up into the good sunlight.

For us, with us, nobody thrives unless we all thrive. Being queer means building your own family, same as it ever was. It means taking care of that family, because they need us and we need them. Bricks and Glitter is an attempt to develop capacity, be we trans, Two-Spirit and/or queer, so that we can share our skills, hold each other, let our abilities shine and build living.breathing.working connections that can carry us through the rest of the year. We want to support local artists, give platform to unrecognized talent and pull each other up.

We believe in tangible modes of sustaining queer art and creativity. We are not just a festival but a home for many itinerant communities who struggle to find safety in an increasingly hostile world. We want to liberate the knowledge that already exists within us to the ends of empowering our queer families. We want to learn from each other and hold each other up, allowing our unique voices to populate a sphere of discourse, play, exploration and possibility. We pose and we posture and we fake it til we make it because practice, practice, practice gets the goods. Let us try and see what the world could become.


Unit 2
ILL NANA/DiverseCity Dance Company
Carolina Brown
Syrus Marcus Ware
Gavrel Feldman
Vince Rozario
Raven Davis
Rosina Kazi
Camila Diaz-Varela
Brock Hessel
Ozhawa Anaung Kwe
Grissel Orellana
Jane Walsh
Lee Shields
Troy Jackson
Lauryn Kronick
Akio Maroon
Margaret Alexander

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