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Festival Community Care Practices

How is Bricks & Glitter ensuring health and safety during our events?

Contact Tracing: All in-person participants are invited to record their name and contact info.

PPE: Masks and sanitizer will be available and distributed. Some in-person events have mandatory masking.

On-site care team: Every event will have a care team member present should anything arise, physically or virtually. This includes active listening, de-escalation, and communicating needs.

We welcome feedback! Don’t hesitate to reach out!

ASL Support

This year Bricks & Glitter will be collaborating with Phoenix The Fire services to offer ASL at the following events:

  • Let’s Build Our Festival Banner! (in-person only)
  • DIY Banner Making Workshop (virtual)
  • Summer Celebration (in-person & virtual)
  • SPORES: Knowledge Share Film Premire (in-person & virtual)

Food Access

All events will have snacks and/or catering. All snacks will be nut-free. There will be options for gluten-free and vegan/vegetarian. Food ingredients will be available at all events.


Bricks & Glitter will offer transit fare upon request to support access to festival activities.

Scent Free Policy

We ask guests attending any in-person events to refrain from using any scented products. We will have unscented soap available for use, and ask that if you are wearing a strong scent, to use this soap to rinse where you can.

For more information on tips and tricks to go scent free, visit Fragrance Free Femme of Color Genius by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarainha (AMC 2022)

Venue Access Details

High Park Nature Center

Blind & Low Vision: Full lighting of indoor spaces is available. Outdoors will be natural light.

Mobility & Transit: High Park is closed to all cars on the weekends. The closest entrance to High Park Nature Center is at High Park Ave & Bloor St which is near the TTC Keele Station subway stop. It takes approx. 4 minutes to walk from Bloor Street to the Nature Center. The entire path leading there is paved including the entrance on the north side of the building. The west entrance and east/west porch areas have ramps, handrails, and optionally a short flight of stairs. There are no automatic doors; doors will be propped open.

Bathroom Access: There is one large single-stalled washroom in the building (on the east side), one smaller single-stall washroom, and two sets of multi-stalled washrooms (on the east and west sides). All washrooms are gender neutral.

Contemporary Textile Studio Co-op at 401 Richmond

Blind & Low Vision: Brightly lit overhead lights

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Scent Reduction/Free: Fermented dyes are used, not an overpowering smell but not a scent free space. There are 2 standing fans, open windows, and no AC.

Mobility & Transit: Accessible via TTC, Go Transit, and there are several Green P parking lots nearby. The studio is located on the main floor. Two entrances have ramps and automated doors.

Bathroom Access: Wheelchair accessible washrooms are located on the main floor. The bathrooms arre multi-stalled and gendered. Use whichever one you want.

Unit 2 – 163 Sterling Rd.

Blind & Low Vision: Brightly lit overhead lights

Mobility & Transit: Unit 2 uses only the main floor for programming. A ramp is available, doorframes are 33″ wide. Parking is limited. Unit 2 is several blocks away from the nearest bus stop at Bloor & Symington, and Dundas & Sterling. The nearest subway station is Lansdowne.

Bathroom Access: Wheelchair accessible washroom with grab bar installed near toilet. Single gender neutral bathroom on main floor.